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About Us

At TLC Accounting and Business Solutions, our purpose is to help you focus on building your business. The insights we provide through our quality bookkeeping, accounting and consulting services enable you to make decisions confidently as you navigate the ever-changing terrain of your business and operations. We strive to provide timely and accurate financial reports. In so doing, we also offer you, as a premier client, managerial and general business consultation particularly as you work to expand and grow your business.


Our purpose acts to guide you in key business decisions and crossroads. Our mission is to work alongside you-fellow entrepreneurs and companies—to meet your most pressing challenges. Our high—performing team of bookkeepers, accountants, administrative professionals and seasoned business managers work as a cohesive unit to meet the needs of your business.

Our Team

Our Team

Tracie - 1.png

Tracie Christoper, CEO

Tracie Christopher is the CEO for TLC Accounting and Business Solutions. With her meticulous nature, she offers an array of services, including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, creative services, and much more. She has a strong affinity for numbers, which is why her clients have faith in her and her team to enhance their experience with added value no matter the service. Tracie initially coined the company name, TLC, as a clever wordplay, but her genuine desire is for each client to experience personalized attention. It's the trust her clients place in her that motivates her to go the extra mile, ensuring they receive the utmost satisfaction. During her spare moments, when they come by, she delights in quality time with her family and beloved furry companions.

Cheryl Ludlam - Barnette Ludlam - headshot.jpg

Cheryl F.C. Ludlam, CFO

Cheryl F.C Ludlam is the CFO of TLC Accounting Solutions. She oversees the business and project development for TLC Accounting Solutions with fellow partner, Chris Barnette.

Chris Barnette - Barnette Ludlam - headshot.jpg

Chris Barnette, Chief of Business Development

Lauren Kelly - Barnette Ludlam - headshot.jpg

Lauren Kelly, Financial Specialist

Chris Barnette is the Chief of Business Development of TLC Accounting Solutions. He helps oversees the business and project development for TLC Accounting Solutions with fellow partner, Cheryl Ludlam.

Lauren Kelly is the Financial Specialist for TLC Accounting and Business Solutions. She helps assist Tracie with any bookkeeping and accounting needs for TLC clients. She absolutely loves numbers, so this was the perfect fit! She's a professional who specializes in financial records and transactions with a keen eye for detail. With diligent effort, she strives to provide clients with top-notch comprehensive services. During her leisure hours, she finds simple pleasure in spending time with family, indulging in Korean Dramas, and immersing herself in books!

Briana Buckhalter.JPG

Briana Buckhalter, Creative

Briana Buckhalter is the Creative for TLC Accounting and Business Solutions. She specializes in crafting logos, websites, and social media content for prospective small business clients. Briana chose to enter this field because of her passion for graphic design, having graduated with an associates for Digital Commercial Graphics. She wanted to continue to pursue this passion while offering these services to potential TLC clients. She aims to assure prospective clients that she is committed to delivering top-notch graphics, websites, and logos that will exceed their expectations and leave them satisfied. During her leisure hours, she relishes taking serene strolls along the shoreline and immersing herself in the world of anime.

Elizabeth Hoyland - headshot.jpg

Elizabeth Hoyland, Admin Assistant

Elizabeth Hoyland is the Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper for TLC Accounting and Business Solutions. She aids in customer service, handles general administration tasks, and manages bookkeeping responsibilities. Elizabeth takes pleasure in organization and working with numbers; these abilities enable her to pursue a passion of assisting small businesses. She wishes for prospective clients to recognize her keen attention to detail, going beyond expectations for each client. Outside of her role at TLC, she is a character performer for birthday parties, a musical theater actress, and a teaching artist. In her leisure time, she relishes long walks and quality moments with her family.

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